Table Show

We hold a competitive Table Show at all our regular meetings. There are three classes each month, one each for Cacti, Succulents and any Plant in Flower. Plant genera are in accordance with the 'Handbook of Shows and Exhibitions' 10th Edition, 2014, published by the BCSS.

The maximum pot size for table shows is 16cm (6.5inches).

Tuesday 13 February

Cacti – Any cactus
Succulents – Any other succulent
Plant in flower

Tuesday 13 March

Cacti – Mammillaria
Succulents – Agave
Plant in flower

Tuesday 10 April

Cacti – Eriosyce group
Succulents – Echeveria subgroup
Plant in flower

Tuesday 8 May

Cacti – Sulcorebutia
Succulents – Aloe
Plant in flower

Tuesday 12 June

Cacti – Copiapoa
Succulents – Haworthia
Plant in flower

Tuesday 10 July

Cacti – Echinocereus group
Succulents – Gasteria group
Plant in flower

Tuesday 14 August

Cacti – Thelocactus
Succulents – Aeonium
Plant in flower

Tuesday 11 September

Cacti – Gymnocalycium
Succulents – Euphorbia
Plant in flower

Tuesday 9 October

Cacti – Astrophytum
Succulents – Cheiridopsis subgroup
Plant in flower

Tuesday 13 November

No Table Show

Tuesday 11 December

Cacti – Opuntia group
Succulents – Crassula subgroup
Plant in flower



The Small Hall
Sanderstead Methodist Church
Limpsfield Road


2nd Tuesday of the month (unless indicated otherwise)



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